Tinge - 2003

Tinge (tinj) (2003)   Norm Skipp/Wilhemeena Gordon

Music/Edit/Co-director – Norm Skipp

Choreographer/Co-director – Willhemeena Gordon

‘Cello – Rod Skipp

1. To imbue with a faint trace of colour; tint;

2. To impart a slight characteristic quality of some other element to;

3. To leave a trace, stain, impression, cast, shade, taste.To colour with an illusion of self. Alluding to something – to refer to allusion. Identity of self tinged with other.

This collaboration with choreographer Wilhemeena Gordon was originally produced as part of Soliton at the Regent Theatre, Auckland, New Zealand in April 2003 to accompany a live performance with 15 female dancers. The video element was projected onto four screens with a mixture of live video feeds.